Hi! I’m Noah Carolan, and I’m a 2D Character Animator, Storyboarder, Writer and Director. I’m originally from Norwich, England, where I started out making cartoons on my YouTube channel NoahIdeaFilms. Since I started animating in 2013, I started the Animation course at Norwich University of the Arts, graduating with a First Class degree!

My work has been seen by over 2 million people online, as well as by over 130,000 on my personal YouTube channel. On my own channel, I produce original and parody animated shorts, as well as film reviews and animation progression reels. I also create illustrations and comics, which are uploaded to my Instagram and Twitter.

Aside from animation, I also enjoy movies, comic book media and outdated memes.

If you wish to contact me, please do so via email or social media!

Email: noahideafilms@gmail.com
Twitter: @noahideafilms
Instagram: @noahideafilms