Nerdy’s visiting a national monument for a photo, but someone else there has other ideas…

Gone Fissure: A Nerdy Cartoon is one of my two graduate films from Norwich University of the Arts, being animated, storyboarded and edited completely independently.

The main character Nerdy is one I’ve been using for many years throughout various mediums. This short film was designed to be a love-letter to the series and animations that made me fall in love with the medium, such as Eddsworld and Gravity Falls, and I found using a long-term character would be appropriate for that purpose.

The short began production in September 2020, and concluded in May 2021. I was responsible for every aspect of the production except music, which was produced by Felipe Rodriguez.

Below are some behind the scenes material from the short film, including storyboards, model sheets and backgrounds. Some backgrounds, such as the large opening shot, were split into multiple image layers and imported into After Effects to achieve a parallax effect as the camera moved.